Wood chip wallpaper

Last Sunday we finally finished the stripping the remaining wallpaper in the hallway at the first floor.  It was a bit of an epic day, but other than the ceiling on the first floor above the staircase (which we couldn’t reach), we can now enjoy a bit of a break from wallpaper stripping. Yay!   The biggest challenge on Sunday was removing the stubborn woodchip wallpaper which lined the ceilings, so I thought I’d share our technique which made it a little bit more manageable.

Unlike vinyl wallpaper, there is no ‘plastic’ layer that can be peeled off before wetting down with the wallpaper stripper, so scrape off the wood chips with the scraper to allow the solution to seep in behind the paint and loosen the paper. Scrape off a small area of wood chips, then wet it down with a sponge, then leave it for a good 15 minutes while working on another area so the solution could really soak in before peeling off the first layer.  Repeat for the second layer of paper, and break regularly for tea and biscuits!  The key is really letting it soak for a good long while, and using boiling or extremely hot water in the solution.


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