On the other side of the Pond…

A comment was made recently about how strange it was that none of the neighbours on my street had knocked down the living room / front hallway wall as this is typically the first wall to go in similarly laid out American townhouses.  Curious, I searched for renovations to Chicago & New York Townhouses on property websites like this one (where I got the above images from) – and low and behold – good bye front hallway wall – hello open living room!

I’m not sure why we don’t tend to do this as much here in London…. Perhaps it is because our townhouses are more draughty and so having the front door open right into the living room means it can get quite cold…  Another reason could be that these smaller London terraces, built for the working classes,  have much smaller rooms than those which are the subject of the North American renovation shows.   So in smaller terraces, if you remove the hallway wall, there is no wall to sit your sofa against.


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