Wall light

As you may have observed in one of the photos from my earlier post about the hallway, we have an original gas wall light still intact.  I had an electrician come around before work today to look at what we wanted done and so I asked him about whether he thought it might be possible to thread a wire cable through the old gas line to make it work.

He seemed quite excited about the idea and was up for the challenge… and so rather than remove it and install two new, but similar style wall lights (which was my original plan), I think I’m going to try and restore this little bit of history which my electrician thinks has been sitting there for about 100 years!

I suspect that with the exposed gas pipe, it was probably added after the house was built… there is a little bit about gas lighting in working class housing estates here – and I suspect the terrace I am in now was quite similar.  I need to get a gas man to make sure its not still connected of course – but after that I will set to work trying to remove the paint.

It will need a new shade… so it could match the ceiling lights and be ribbed or opal, or could contrast and be the opposite. Decisions decisions! My back up plan if the re-wiring doesnt work is either the brass arm Junction Light from Heals, or this fantastic yellow one which has a similar wall rose fixing detail.


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