Hallway Ceiling Pendants

I’ve been trying to make a decision about the hallway lighting and have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Its too dark with just one ceiling light for the full run of corridor so I’m going to install two ceiling lights instead.
  2. Although I love the industrial style enamel lights with their dark green or grey shades (like I installed here above the eating area in my kitchen in my old Camberwell Grove flat) – they just aren’t right for a hallway as they wouldn’t allow any light to bounce upwards off the ceiling.
  3. To maximise illumination I am going to opt for either a ribbed or opal glass ‘ball’ of some sort so that light is directed up and down.
  4. The advantage of the opal (and to some extent the ribbed glass), is that I’m hoping to be able to install an energy saving lightbulb in them and still achieve the Victorian look!

I just cant quite decide whether I prefer the Holophane style ribbed glass lights or the opal ‘milk glass’ ones.  My concerns with the ribbed glass are:

  1. It may show the bulb too much
  2. It may create a hot glare spot rather than a soft glow
  3. It may make busy light patterns on the ceiling and walls (perhaps only if mounted too close), where really I want an even wash of light. I’ll put up art if I want patterns!

The above area a selection of industrial salvaged lights from Trainspotters and some new lights made in the USA using traditional materials and techniques – available from Etsy stores Lucent Lampworks and Lampgoods.  Any thoughts??


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