What The Neighbours Did…

We still can’t really believe how super friendly everyone on our street has been since we moved in.  In getting to know our neighbours and some of the other street residents, the talk inevitably turned to what renovations and refurbishments we were planning,  and what people had done with their homes.

Every house on our street started out with an identical floor plan,  but over the years their occupants have extended and modified them to suit how they wanted to live.   I was curious to see if anyone had done what we were planning, and to see what people used their ‘second reception’ room for. (Ours is a slightly isolated ‘formal dining room’ at the moment). Armed with some local treats, we were amazingly and kindly invited behind the doors of three homes to see what they had done.

The beauty of these little houses is that with a few simple modifications, an entirely different feel is achieved.  So  here they are:


The above is ours, for reference. It hasn’t been extended, and most of the original walls are still in place.


These neighbours have cleverly positioned their formal dining area in the front reception room so there is more privacy to the lounge from the street, which is positioned in the second reception room. They have also opened up the wall we want to remove, but closed it off with Parliament doors as having both the dining, living and hall all open to one another meant the rooms got quite cold in the winter as all the heat just escaped up the staircase!  The supporting structure is hidden within the party wall depth and their book shelves run continuously from front to back which really helped link the two rooms together.


These neighbours have also knocked through the front and second reception area to create a more formal living area towards the front, and a kids play area in the second reception. They bought a beautiful marble fireplace for the formal front reception and everything was painted a soft grey which made a huge difference to how big the space felt compared to our house with its pattered carpets and wallpaper. I cant wait to paint!


Lastly, these neighbours have knocked through the two front rooms and use the second reception as a library.  The library is a beautiful space lined from floor to ceiling with books on all walls.  Too bad we don’t have that many books!  They have filled in the side return to create a lovely enormous kitchen and cleverly snuck in a little recess to store bikes and a downstairs WC. Although the side return is a few years off for us, it was brilliant to see what our space could one day be like!

(Apologies for any mis-representations in plan if any street residents are reading this, Ive flipped any plans which are mirror images to ours for ease of comparison!)


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