Electrical Sockets

Part of the problem with being an architect is that I get exposed to lots of beautiful products and materials which, when it comes to considering for our own home, end up being a little on the pricey side. (Another problem of course is that I cant help fussing over all the tiny details right down to electrical sockets and switches!)

When I refurbished my 1 bedroom flat the choice was easier as I only had half a dozen sockets to replace and so didn’t really mind splashing out £22 each on the beautiful and slim MK Electric Aspect range sockets with their white metal flat plate and concealed screw fixings.

However, now that we have a terrace house with what will eventually be nearly 30 sockets, the costs quickly mount up.  I have therefore been busy looking for alternatives to my standard electrical specification. To  my pleasant surprise there are a number of smaller companies who also do screw-less faceplate electrical sockets ranging in price from a bargain £6 up to £14 – which is still a whole heap less expensive than the well known MK Electric.

I’ve ordered samples to see how they feel before ordering the whole lot and will let you know what we decide!  As with my previous flat, I intend to go with white sockets throughout rather than stainless steel, brass or black nickle so that they will be less visible against what will likely be light paint colours.

From top left (or scroll over the image to see the company):

  1. MK Electric Aspect Double Socket (stainless shown, but also available in white) – £22
  2. BG Nexus – £7.93
  3. Click Definity White Metal Double Socket – £8
  4. Hamilton – White Plastic screwless Docket – £7.50
  5. Schneider White Metal Double Socket – £14

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