Wall removal debate

11 Sansom Street-A100-ModelExisting Ground Floor Plan

11 Sansom Street-A100-Model

Proposed Ground Floor Plan – Phase 1

We are considering removing one of the walls on the ground floor in the hopes of making it feel more spacious and bright.

Victorian terraces in London are mostly arranged like train carriages, with lots of rooms off a narrow corridor.  Although the most common refurbishment is to knock through the wall between the two reception rooms to create one large room, we are thinking about removing the corridor wall on the second reception to open it up to the staircase to create a ‘grand’ stair hall.   (Or as ‘grand’ as it can be given its size constraints!).

The concept is that the layout will start as the original Victorian house, and then get more contemporary as you get to the back, with the second reception as the heart of the house (until we can hopefully do a swanky new side return extension in a few years time!)

Removing this wall would:

  • Bring light into the centre of the plan where it is most dark and there are no windows
  • Break up the long, long corridor of doors in the middle of the plan
  • Provide a space to store bikes instead of in the front room (as it is too far to roll them all the way to the garden)
  • Provide a space to hang coats.  Hanging them in an already narrow corridor takes up too much space.
  • Add visual interest to the second reception as it will now have a view of the staircase
  • Allows us to keep the crown mounding and picture rail in the front room which will stay true to its original Victorian layout

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