Dining Room Wallpaper Stripping Complete!

Although the last bits of wallpaper around the chimney breast in the dining room were more stubborn to remove, we did eventually manage to finish the job last Sunday evening.  The drop sheet taped to the skirting made the clean up really easy and it was great to be able to leave the room in a clean and useable state for the week. Above are some photos of the finished job where you can see traces of old pink and blue paint left on the plaster.

We had planned on two more days of wallpaper stripping in the living room this weekend, but amazingly finished it in just one (long) afternoon on Saturday.  I’ll post some photos of that later in the week, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Dining Room Wallpaper Stripping Complete!

    1. Thanks Heather – I was thinking the same thing – (although not all walls are quite as ‘nice’)… its a bit like living in a stage set for some trendy photoshoot…

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