Wallpaper Wallpaper!

So lets get started!  The dining room is a small self contained area so we decided to start with this room to hone our technique before moving into the larger rooms.  It also has a door, so if we don’t finish by the end of the weekend, we can close it off and not look at the chaos for the rest of the week!

We started by laying down a heavy duty plastic drop sheet over the entire floor area and taping the edges to the skirting with a thick (2″ wide) masking tape.   This way the drips of wall paper stripper wont soak through into the carpet, and it will make clean up much easier.

Wallpaper stripper wont soak through a vinyl wallpaper, so this needed either to be peeled off or scored with a blade in the tough to peel areas.  We were quite lucky in that about 60% of the wallpaper just peeled right off without even needing the wallpaper stripper.  The other half that we are still working on needs a lot more elbow grease!

We aren’t yet finished, but while we take our  lunch break, I thought I’d post some photos of the amazing wallpaper we found under the yellow wallpaper on one wall!  Remarkably the top layer just peeled right off so we could see a big area of it on one wall and imagine how the room might have looked years ago.


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