The Dining Room

So after much debate, we have decided on a plan of attack… and it starts with the dining room, which I realise I hadn’t posted any photos of yet.  So here it is – the Dining Room/ Second Reception/ Study/ TV Room/ Third Bedroom.

Our approach is to refurbish the front half of the ground floor first.  This will include re-decorating the dining room, living room, stair and hallway, and upgrading the electrics to bring the system up to code, and also get rid of all the surface mounted wiring. We even plan to knock through a wall – but more on that later as we are still debating on which one!

Its a big job, but we will break it down into manageable chunks (starting with stripping the wallpaper in the dining room), and of course get an electrician to help us with the electrics! We figured that there isn’t much point spending energy on the kitchen and back eating area if eventually we want to fill in the side return, and although Im not a fan of the purple carpets in our bedrooms, the walls are white and arent quite as dramatic as the colours and wallpaper.  Refurbishing the ground floor impacts the spaces we spend most time in, so feels like the right thing to start with.


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