Loop Mirror

I’ve seen a few of these loop mirrors around lately in magazines (see middle image) and have always thought that they are really quite lovely, simple and elegant. They would look great in a small bathroom, above a dresser in a bedroom, or in a hallway.  On a recent visit to Heals, armed with a birthday gift certificate (thank you Philippa!), I found the perfect loop mirror. Made by Noble and Wood, these mirrors come in ash and walnut, and are available with different colour leather loops including hot pink and turquoise.

I opted for the walnut mirror with a light grey band for a more ‘timeless’ classic look. Im thinking about having very pale grey walls in the upstairs corridor, where I plan to hang the mirror, and I feel that the walnut will look more striking against the pale background than ash. My plan is to hang the mirror just outside the bathroom so that when the bathroom mirrors get fogged up after a shower, I will still have a clear mirror nearby to put on make up!


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