Nef vs Bosch Fridges

Our next ‘big’ purchase is a full sized fridge.   The small under counter fridge we currently have is really just too small for two people who occasionally like to have a roast chicken for dinner or a few friends around for a BBQ.   Having done all my research previously to decide on the Nef freezer, it was a fairly easy job for us to decide on the fridge as I was keen for it to match.  Even though we don’t have the brand new kitchen that we want to install it in, we figured its better to buy the fridge we want now, and enjoy using it, rather than be irritated with the little fridge for a year or two while we save up for ‘the big project’.

Interestingly, as with the freezer, the Bosch and Nef fridges are identical. They both have the same A++ energy star rating, use the same amount of electricity, have the same volumne, and make the same amount of noise. (Bosch on the right, Nef on the left).


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