As a little treat and to take as much advantage of our garden as possible before the dark raining evenings set in, we bought a BBQ a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d tell you about it today as we grilled dinner again tonight.

I was keen on gas as I felt if the BBQ was quick and easy to heat up we would use it more often. Our garden is a decent size by London standards, but is by no means enormous, and consequently I didn’t really feel there was space for a big BBQ and the usual accompanying stand.    Although the side return makes a great place to put a BBQ now, in a few years time we’d like to build over this space so it would have to move to the main area of the garden. We solved the problem with a Weber Q 2000 which has the following benefits:

  • Compact so doesn’t detract from the garden.
  • Can be hidden away in a shed when not in use.
  • Gas tank can be disconnected easily so it can be stored in the loft in winter, meaning I don’t have to look at a big ugly black rain cover for most of the year.
  • If we ever go camping with friends we can take it with us!

They’ve recently come out with the Q2200 which appears to be the same (except for it’s black hood and a thermostat apparently), so this, combined with the fact that BBQ season is basically over and so stores were liquidating their remaining stock, meant that we got a fantastic deal on it at Homebase.  We also bought a re-fillable BP Gaslight 5kg tank to go with it.

Now we’re cookin’ with gas!


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