Under counter freezer

We are saving our pennies for ‘the big project’, but in the meantime there are some smaller projects around the house which need sorting out – starting with the fridge/ freezer situation.  Having slowly over my ten years in London ‘graduated’ from having one shelf in a shared fridge in my first London flat share, to owning an integrated 70/30 Fridge/Freezer in my last flat – getting used to the small under counter fridge with its teeny tiny ice box that came with the house became a daily frustration.

I didnt want to waste money on buying something we would throw out when we eventually re-do our kitchen, so whatever fridge/ freezer combo we bought now, would need to fit the grand plan.  (Plus, this way we get to enjoy the appliance we want for longer!).  After a little bit of measuring, a little bit of concept design work, and a lot of debate – we decided on a full height integrated fridge, and a built in below cabinet freezer. That way we would have more fridge space than previously, and the same amount of freezer space, and in our eventual big open kitchen/ diner you wont be looking at appliances, but nice cabinet doors.

The next decision was the brand.  I was really pleased with the german made Bosch kitchen appliances in my old flat, so looked first to them as I couldn’t really justify the expense of Miele or Gaggenau for an appliance with no moving parts that just needs to sit there and stay cold, hidden behind a cabinet door.  Interestingly I discovered that the top of the line Bosch freezer (right) is identical to NEF (left) which has a slightly higher reputation in terms of quality – so in the end we opted for NEF as we found it for the same price online.  The freezer arrived last week and is happily storing bags of frozen fruit for smoothies!


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