Here is the study/ spare bedroom on the first floor.  The best feature of this room, apart from the East facing window which allows the room to be filled with morning sunshine, is the original fireplace.  Unfortunately all of the other fireplaces in the house were replaced some time ago with new timber surrounds and gas fireplaces, but this one here remains.  I love the slight art deco feel to the decoration and wonder if the other ones used to look like this too.  The room finishes are in good condition (although the purple feature wall around the fireplace is somewhat intense!), so there isn’t much we need to do for now. Eventual planned works here will include removing the purple carpet, sanding and oiling the floors, stripping the wallpaper, new electric sockets (which are all surface mounted and supplied by surface wiring at the moment) and re-painting.   The radiator isnt in a great location along that long wall either as that is really where a double bed would ideally be positioned – so I’d eventually like to replace it with a long lower radiator beneath the window.  The overall room audit continues…


4 thoughts on “Study

  1. Just visited your blog and you are indeed in the wonderful “deep thought and planning” stage. Interesting that you like bees in your garden, but you will probably need a citronella candle on the table?
    I smile when I think of you and Alex in the house, knowing that you are in “heaven”, as it should be. Very very happy for you in your first home as opposed to a flat with it’s limitations.

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