Happy Birthday Hydrangeas

As part of my birthday gift from my mom, I decided to buy some Hydrangeas for the garden as I have always really loved them. I chose the blue blooms as all of the flowers in our garden are pink and I wanted to make a small contribution to the outdoor space to help make it feel more like it is ‘ours’. As we haven’t done any work to the house yet, it still feels strangely like we are staying at someone else’s home… so it was nice to be able to make a small addition to the garden.   

In learning about how to take care of Hydrangeas, I learnt that their colour is determined by the relative acidity of the soil. Apparently if the pH is above 7 (alkaline soil), the flowers will be pink, while if the pH is below 7 (acidic), the flowers produced will be closer to blue.  I just re-used a pot and some compost that was left by the previous owners, so it will be interesting to see what colour they turn next year!


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